At the foot of the Historic Quarter of Cuenca, all the conveniences of a low cost price hotel. Discover, share and live with us a different getaway


At last the day has come to open the doors!

It has been many months, even years, since this project called Green River Hostel began to dream up in our head. And it is a great pleasure for us to announce that next January 20th we will be able to celebrate the opening of our hostel in Cuenca, for anyone who wants to know it.

It has not been easy to get here, but we have had the best support on the road: from family and friends, to the great work of architects, builders, collaborators ... a great team that has worked together in order to this day could arrive. We thank all of you, this would not have been possible without your dedication and effort.

We invite you to go into your hostel, your hostel, your house ... as you want to call it, and we encourage you to discover a different way of staying, designed to be useful in different situations and with different companies. From double rooms that you can transform into family rooms to shared bunk beds with a capacity of up to six people. But we also think that although your comfortable sleep is essential and we have tried to offer you a perfect rest, it is not everything for those who like travelling and making a trip full of emotions. That's why we have several common areas that you can use to eat, read, chat, surfing on internet, play and even to have a barbecue ... spaces where you can share experiences with travelers like you, from different backgrounds and cultures, those who are looking for having a closer contact with people in their adventures and an exchange that other types of establishments cannot offer you.  The best thing is that you will not pay much to enjoy it; the charm, the originality and its comfort are not incompatible with money.

You will find all of this in a very intimately rebuilt building and thought to offer comfort and freedom, where we have gone for a different style for an efficient consumption of energy and in whose decoration and atmosphere you will find many references to the past of the building, showing its structural elements, others recovered from markets, almonedas and even of some trash bins, and furniture made with recycled materials and in a respectful way with the environment.

Our work methods, our philosophy and our staff have only one goal: to make you wake up with a good taste and finish the day in the same way, essential so that when you return at home, the memories will be perfect.

We welcome you to Green River Hostel, the first urban hostel in the center of Cuenca.

We wait for you!